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Welcome to Life Like Babies, I am Lorraine Craill. Thank you for visiting my little online nursery, this web site is a stop shop for Kits and Supplies if you wish to make your own reborn baby,
Evie van Linda Murray (Cradle) R 800 with body incluced
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eyes, Training materials, various scupting tools and supplies, paints, body parts for you babies and baby clothes.

If you have any enquiries Please do not hesitate to contact me

Lorraine Craill who is well known for her life like baby dolls also makes the most amazing animal babies.

At first glance you would think these creations are the real deal. Great attention is given to detail from individually placed hair to the weight. I spent some time asking Loraine about these animal babies and her life like babies and the other real life animals she has.

Where did your love for creating these life like baby dolls come from?

“I have always loved babies and when I first noticed these babies on Internet, I just knew that this is something I should try. Since then I have started painting these kits and turned them into babies. I cannot get enough of them. This is simply the best hobby I have ever done and I love each moment of it. Each baby is unique and special.”     



The prime ape dolls are so life like and cute, are they more of a challenge to make?

“The Chimpanzee, Orangutan and Gorilla are new to the market. The latest is a Pug Dog. They are popular. They are for sure a challenge as the painting of them are different toward the doll babies.”

If you could would you like to see these creations in more canine categories?

“Yes, it would be great. The planning is to have a variety available soon.”   


What is your favourite Prime ape doll?

“The Gorilla is my favourite at the moment”


What impact does your pets have on your life both professionally and at home?

“I love animals. We have 5 Yorkies and 2 Dashounds. Each one of them has his/her own personality. I love all of my dogs so much. They have unconditional Love and are excellent  therapy to any person. To see how each one of them play and enjoy life makes it worth having a pet in your life. 

There are a lot of reborn artists in South Africa, what would you recommend people ask when deciding on buying a life like baby?

“Quality is very important. These reborn babies are unnique and something special. The joy these babies and the therapy they supply is worth having one or to be able to give one to someone special in life. You have to look at the quality of the paintwork and the hair. The lifelike baby should not look like a doll but a baby. That is what this art is about. The hair should be good quality. You have to look at the body of the lifelike baby. It should have a good quality material.”  


Is there special care needed for the prime ape dolls?

“ Yes, you have to take good care of the Chimpanzee, Orangutan and Gorilla. The hair deserves extra attentionand care.”

How long does it take to make a life like baby and is there a difference in man hours when making a prime ape baby?

“It takes up to three weeks to complete a lifelike baby if you want to have an unique baby that does not look like a doll. I would say that both take about the same time to complete and to have it turned into a baby or animal.”

Loraine is a stockist of a wide variety of kits and products if you wish to create your own life like baby on her web site

Just be careful because too much exposure can lead to a cuteness overload.

I am still overwhelmed by the realism, one day whilst surfing the internet. I came across an ad of another reborn baby artist, that showed a picture of a reborn baby for adoption. One woman commented to my amusement, that how horrible can a person be, to just give away her baby for R2500,00.

Please remember that just with anything to buy your reborn animal or baby from a reputable artist that uses the best quality products. Do your homework.

Article in Responsible breeders online magazine